What we do

Global Fabric Sourcing

Supplying fabric of various price and quality through global fabric mills.

Mass Customization System

Operating the denim-customized systems to respond to consumers seeking a wide variety of personalities.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

We abide by the human rights and social responsibilities of factory workers, working with our factories to comply with the law and protect the environment.


Company : Blueade

CEO : Brian Chung

Office ADD :

HQ : 6F, 59, Naruteo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

Vietnam office : 560 Mguyen Van Cu Gia Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

Country of Production : Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, China

Main Products - All kind of Denim, woven & C&S etc

Contact - Tel : 02-544-8804 / Fax : 02-544-8805

email : brian@blueade.co.kr

2019. 09Vietnam Office open
2019. 03Official supplier for Jin-Air Crew Uniform
2018. 03Certified of Venture Business
2017. 08Signed Industrial-Academic Cooperation with Ulsan Univ
2017. 03Business start with LF
2016. 12Certified the Design Research Center
2016. 06Business start with Shinsegae International
2016. 05Business start with Samsung C&T
2016. 03R&D Center Installation
2015. 10Blueade Founeded


Domestic Customer in Korea
Overseas Customer


R&D Center
Machinery QTY
Single Needle 2EA
Double Needle 2EA
Overlock / Interlock Stitch 2EA
Cover Stitch 1EA
Double Chain Stitch 2EA
Waist Belt Machine 1EA
Bartack Machine 1EA
Key Hole Machine 1EA
Design Stitch Machine 1EA
Steam Iron & Vacuum Die 1EA
Hand Snap Mould 3EA
Air Compressor 1EA
Production : Factory operation status
COO Factory Item Process Operation Plan Target Buyer
Korea Seojin Apparel Denim Sewing -Small Lots
-Short LT & easy to QRS
-Premium Quality
Small Lot & High retail price with premium quality
Hyo Kyung Tech Denim Washing
Vietnam Ha Pong Denim Sewing & Washing -Big Lots with low price Low retail price
Sew Craft Woven, Outer, C&S Sewing
Turkey Yil Teks Denim Fabric, Sewing & Washing -Main supplier of EU Premium Denim
-Premium Quality
-Vertical production from fabric to washing
Mid & high retail price with premium quality
China Huitao Tex Denim Fabric, Sewing & Washing -Big Lots with low price
-Vertical production from fabric to washing
Mid & low retail price
Bangladesh Searching Denim Sewing & Washing -Big Lots with low price Lowest retail price
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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

- Responding to the global environmental issues of Denim production

* Excessive using of Water (7,000L/1pc), Wastewater, Illegal labor

- Using Fair Trade and Recycling Denim Fabrics

- Sustainability on sewing & washing process

Using less water & chemical, reducing the wastewater

Protect the worker from harmful chemical & dust from Automation system

Various sourcing for each buyer’s character

- Fabric : Korea, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Thailand

- Production : Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, China, Bangladesh


Venture Business (2018.03.29)

Design Research Center (2016.12.15)

Certificate of Patent (Technical)
Clothing dust removal device

Certificate of Trademark

Certificate of Trademark